Rest/v1/orders - order my modification_date

Will the below ‘since’ and ‘until’ dates use the modification date value? Or is that always the creation_date?

I’m looking to get the most recent updated orders on a daily basis. Or do I need to remove the until and since - and just get the most recent # of orders?

    let response = await axios.get(`${since}&until=${now}&offset=${offset}&access_token=${access_token}`)

Thanks so much!

The Since and Until parameters go by the Created of the record, not the Modified date.

Ok. Thanks @TomScott

So the best way to get most recently updated orders is the below and to just loop thru the most recent 1k transactions:${offset}&access_token=${access_token}

@TomScott How would I query the API to get the most recent updated order items - without querying by creation date.

Example - someone buys a product 45 days ago, and they refund the product yesterday. I’d like to catch that in my query.

@Rick_Nielsen, my suggestion would be that you would be better off querying the XML-RPC tables. You can query the Order / OrderItem / InvoicePayment / Payment tables. The REST v1 API is too limiting in places.

Documentation on querying the Tables.