Purchasing a product to trigger WordPress account creation

Hey and thanks for taking the time to read and answer!

We want to create a campaign where a purchase of an Infusionsoft created product prompts the creation of a user account for our WordPress site. Is that possible, what coding etc do we need? Can you help?

Might need a bit more. If your WP site has or is a membership site (for example) then there are endpoints that you should be able to http post to from in campaign builder. If it’s just a standard run of the mill WP marketing site then you may need a plugin that would allow that.

Hi John and thanks for your reply!

We are just starting to build the site so we don’t have a membership plug in yet. However, we are looking for the smoothest way possible to build this so if you have any recommendations or tips, or want to do it, all is welcome!

I’m not personally a web developer (in other words, I’m great with data and back end stuff but the UX is usually best for someone with more “flare” lol)…BUT I can certainly help with the requirements. There are two stand out membership plugins that also connect with Infusionsoft (there are more than two that exist but overwhelmingly these two are at the top of the list by a long shot).

So a couple of questions then:

  1. Are you working with a course or video content that is meant to be seen like a course would be?
  2. What levels of membership will you need? (free, basic, premium, enterprise).
  3. What’s the pricing structure (most of the time it doesn’t matter but in some cases it can).
  4. Can you express these as “products” (ie month to month basic membership)?

Other factors can come into play but these are primary up front questions.

Access Ally is an all in one that has LMS and membership connecting to Infusionsoft in one package and for a single price and incorporates gamification.

Memberium is also very good and has amazing support, however, if you’re needing an LMS then it integrates with a separate LMS called Learn Dash at an additional cost, which becomes much more expensive if you’re doing a course based membership. Not sure how the gamification for Learn Dash is though.

There are others but they don’t carry near the features that the above two do. I’ve setup and worked with both and written custom code solutions for special situations. The actual design of pages etc you’d want someone that specializes in that to do though :wink:

Thank you so much for your detailed answer, John, I’ll definitely check out your recommendations.

We already looked at Memberium but weren’t completely happy with it.

I’ll look into Access Ally.

Yes, we have a designer and a developer but they are not Infusionsoft savvy so I need to actually tell them what to do exactly lol

As for your questions, we are building a course-based site + blog, etc. so it’s not purely a membership area kind of thing.

I’m thinking that we will need to find another solution as in the long run we want people who have purchased certain courses to have access to them exclusively and not all the content of a certain membership level. With roles, this might get complex.

Thanks again!

So then I’d go with AccessAlly. They will allow you to control access based on membership etc with an LMS system all ready in place. Basically, tags identify what someone has access to (courses, content, various area’s on the site etc)

Thanks, John, you’ve been really helpful! I’m going to present your solution to the team at our next meeting.

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