Limiting Service Account Key - scopes?

I’m new to Keap and just set up an account to play around with the sandbox API.

It’s all good, I generated a Service Account Key to use with my app. Something I can’t figure out is how to add scopes of action for the service account (I want to allow just a couple of API calls to be made by it).

The page for generating the key states it should be possible, but there’s no option during or after creation.

Only admins can create a service account key as it will grant admin access to all of the API. Scopes can be used to limit access. Intended for trusted applications integrating with the API.

Is it a feature for non-sandbox users or am I misunderstanding something here?

Good morning Ivan!

Sorry for the confusion, scopes are on our list to implement, but currently we only support a “full” scope (as defined in our OAuth specification documentation). We’ll be sure to add further documentation as we add additional scoping options.

  • Tom Scott
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