Integrating WP Contact 7 Forms with Campaigns in keap

We’re building a new website and using a mixture of Keap forms and Contact 7 Forms plug-in with Word Press.
For contacts who submit a Contact 7 Form, how do I pass this contact through to Keap and trigger an existing campaign?

Our developers integrated with Keap but it only adds the contacts to the general contact list. Can anyone help walk me through this or share a user video? I’m not familiar with APIs but the documentation was pointing me towards the API goal?

Please help!

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I am also interested in a solution to this as I would like to use a custom form to post and trigger campaign events.

Does this help?!/Campaign/createAchieveApiGoalEventUsingPOST

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Conceptually, you simply want to create the contact and then trigger any goal that campaign builder will recognize to begin them in that campaign. So anything like an api goal, a form submittal, a tag being applied are all examples of what would begin the campaign. The most common is a tag but api goals have their own advantages over tags as well.

So create the contact and then use one of the api methods for triggering a goal and that will be able to trigger a campaign running for theme.

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