Why some contacts have profile images and others don't

So I just spent the last 1.5 hours working with Keap support to find out why some of the contacts have a profile image and some do not. Right now there is no way to add a photo to a contact in the web app or iPhone app. What we learned after the tech agent talked with one of the developers, is that currently, the only way to have a profile image in a contact is for them to have a gravatar account. https://en.gravatar.com/

This is cool and disappointing as well. Cool is that when I created an account on Gravatar, Keap had updated my photo instantly! The downside is that I know people’s faces and can know what we talked about. But if I am just looking at a name I have to read through the note to make sure I am thinking of the right person.

Disappointing is that there is no way to upload a photo to a contact in keap. I hope that they add the ability to a photo to a contact soon!

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Just Updated my user profile on here and in the forum it gives 3 options. letter, gravatar, or upload. This is what i would want on Keap!

Have they added any other way besides Gravatar to show a picture on Keap customer profiles? Next to NONE of our customers have gravatar photos, nor would we expect them to, as they are business emails. Hopefully this gets resolved where there can be some sort of override!!

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Not that I have heard of and I agree with you.

Keep Please give us access to upload a photo!