Why does it take so long to pull up a campaign?

When I click the campaigns icon in Keap, it takes several minutes for the campaigns to show up. If I click on one it takes several minutes to come up. Then if I click Report or Edit, again it takes several minutes for it to open. This is happening in both Chrome and Safari.

It can take as long as 5 to 10 minutes to open a campaign and access the report or to get to where I can edit it.

Have you tried in an incognito window and potentially turned off browser extensions. Both cookies and extensions can get in the way

All the best


I have and it maybe a few seconds faster but not much improvement.

How much content have you got in the campaigns in question? I have seen some huge campaigns in the past that due to the amount of content take longer to load

If it’s not that I don’t know why you are having the problem, I see it occasionally not as the ‘norm’

My campaigns are very big. That might be the issue. I have some old campaigns that I could delete.

Don’t worry about how MANY campaigns you have, its the amount of content you have in the campaign you are trying to load.

With my clients I try to get the concept of a modular system in place, so each ‘bit’ is a campaign is a campaign in its own right