What is the "supression list?"

Over the past 2 weeks, we’ve been getting a lot of hard bounces, but to email addresses I know are good. For instance, one is a personal friend of mine and I email her at that same address all the time. When I chatted with Keap support, they said these “hard bounces” were because these email addresses were on a “suppression list.” Can anyone explain to me what that is and how contacts get on it?

Keap’s solution was for us to email each person individually from our personal email system (like Outlook), get them to email us back individually, then take a screenshot of that email and send it to Keap to prove we have a relationship with these people – even if that contact has opened and clicked on emails in the past 2 weeks from our broadcasts and campaigns. Who has the time to do that? We can’t send a broadcast via Keap to ask these people to confirm they still want to hear from us, because Keap won’t send them.


It’s been more than 15 months since this post and still no response. We have a number of contacts asking us about this too!