We made some changes to the API for GDPR!

Hey everyone! We made some changes to the APIs for GDPR!

  • With GDPR enabled when creating or updating a Contact that has been redacted from that app you will receive a 403 with the following error message User does not have permission to add a Contact due to GDPR guidelines (https://gdpr-info.eu/art-17-gdpr/). The Contact opted out and does not wish for you to have access to their data.
  • When using POST or PUT on the Contacts resource, you should include the Contact’s IP Address. For REST, see the example origin property on Create a Contact and Create or Update a Contact.
  • You can also now redact a Contact by using DELETE with a special “GDPR-Redact” header.

Future GDPR Additions

  • REST Hook to receive the id of a redacted Contact.

Please note: Redacting customers is only available with REST. But the redacted check when adding customers is enabled on both REST and XML