We built an infusionsoft integration but were rejected as a marketplace company

Hi. I am Collins from MailOptin.

Our most requested feature was Infusionsoft integration. We finally built it. We will love to be added to the IS marketplace.

Here are some documentation links on our integration with IS for your perusal. Note: we are using the Oauth2 authentication and the REST API.

By the way, trying to schedule an appointment from the email i received after submitting the marketplace form doesn’t work. Link is broken.

I logged in to marketplace dashboard today and and saw our company was rejected. I have sent ton of emails. no response

@Collins_Agbonghama, I assume you have been contacted by a staff member? I see internal messages regarding your request.

Hi @Collins_Agbonghama! I’m Dana, the Product Manager for the App Marketplace. I reviewed your listing and re-activated the listing submission, but sent it back with requested updates for screen shots and a video demo. Once updated, you can resubmit for approval. If you have any questions, you can reach me directly at dana.romano@keap.com.

I am confused because from what I can see, our company needs to be approved first before we can add a listing. We don’t have any listing entry where I presume we can provide screenshots and video demo.

I can’t where to add screenshots and video in the company edit page.

Do I send the screenshots and videos directly to you?

@Dana_Romano I sent you an email over a week ago and no response.

@martinc can you please give a response to We built an infusionsoft integration but were rejected as a marketplace company and also help us get listed?

I spoke to live chat many times and kept being told someone will contact me and they never did.

@Collins_Agbonghama My apologies! When your initial listing was rejected, it also rejected your company listing. I’ve reapproved your company listing and now you can go in and resubmit your integration listing. Please ping me as soon as you submit and I’ll go in and fast track it.

@Dana_Romano I have submitted a listing. Please check and approve.

Many thanks for your help.

@Collins_Agbonghama The listing looks great! I just approved it and it’s now live on the Marketplace.

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