Using Emojis in email broadcasts

I’ve tried using emojis in my email broadcasts but the recipient simply sees “??” in the place of the emoji. I’m assuming that emojis are not supported. Can you please confirm?

This is the process I’ve seen work (Haven’t used it in a while, but it see if this works for you):



Yeah, that’s not supported at this time. It’s one of those things that works for some but not others, your mileage may vary, so it’s not something we support.

Including emojis is something that is important to improve the CTR of emails according to your article here: How to Boost Your CTR for Mobile Ads in 2021 - Keap

It would be really helpful if you supported them, especially for our audience. I hope it’s something you plan to add.

I totally agree with Keap’s guide to use Emoji on the Community and I’d love to, for the same reasons, use them with my clients :slight_smile: