Using append to person notes - becomes unreadable

I have a web form with 8 text area fields that collect answers to a survey. I can’t put these in custom fields because the field name only allows certain number of characters…so i’m using the “append to person notes” option on the custom fields dropdown …but when a contact submits the form…the person notes field becomes completely unreadable. like this

ugh…is there no solution for this?

Tracey - don’t forget that the custom field name is what is seen internally, you can overwrite that with your full question on the landing page / form that you then put the field onto, that should get your round the issue.

All the best


Yes I realize that but the issue is we DO need to see the full question internally.

Hmmmm, what seems to be happening is the placeholder test is getting merged in. Unfortunately without seeing the form on the backend I couldn’t say why that is happening. Best best is to talk to support, show them some examples and they can see where the data is coming from.

All the best