Text Messages in Campaigns

Any interest in creating the ability to text a customer vs just an email? I just watched a product video for another company and thought to myself “why can’t I just add that to one of my campaigns?”.

Currently, we have a few 3rd party developers that integrate the ability to send text messages, from campaigns. PlusThis is a pretty popular one, but there are some options.

You may find some other sms integration options that might work for you at https://marketplace.infusionsoft.com/search?searchText=SMS&pageSize=24&listingTypes=ActionPlan&listingTypes=Application&listingTypes=Content&listingTypes=Service&pricingTypes=Free&pricingTypes=Paid

We are always working to offer more native features in the software, but we are not currently working to roll out a native SMS option, in app, as of right now.

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