Submitting a contact/opportunity via PHP

I wanted to use a PHP script to send a contact to IS. I used CURL and _POST to submit the data. We have two different contact forms. One is a contact form and one is a quote request form. The script worked when sending it to the contact form, but not when I send it to the quote form. The CURL returns the form with all the data I sent selected in the form, but it does not show up in my contacts/opportunities. There is no error message so it is very difficult for me to understand what is going on. I am not even sure that sending the data to the form URL is the right way to do with. Is there another way through APIs to send the data?

Yes, to actually use the api. You’re using form submits through cURL and that can actually get you blacklisted on the IS server if it is used a lot.

The api/sdk/REST all have methods that a programmer can use to take that data from the form and connect it to Infusionsoft.

What you can do though, is to embed and IS form into your web site and then the IS form will add items to your app…however, you won’t be able to create opportunity records that way, only contacts.

For opp records you will definitely need custom code. I’ve had a number of clients that have asked us to to just this same thing.