Solution: Second Payment Failure Test

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Second Payment Failure Test
This solution gives a way to test if a second payment fails (in a two part payment) then take action to block access to the second part of our membership system class (parts 1 & 2).

Granted this solution is specific to our particular Infusionsoft = Membership system hookup but the principle can be applied if you have the same need in your own circumstances.

Problem Definition
With two part payment plans, if the second payment fails we had no way to block our membership system from granting access to part two of our online class. The campaign logic assumed after 30 days to grant access to part two of the class, whether or not payment went through.

We needed a logic test if the second payment failed and if so then block access to part two of the class in our membership system.

Membership System API
Our membership system connects to Infusionsoft via the Infusionsoft API.

Whenever a contact record change occurs it sends the updates to the membership system. Tags control access to classes & products. If a tag is present access is given, if a tag is absent/removed then access is removed.

Typical Methods
For two part payments typically we would use a payment plan or a subscription. However you cannot insert a logic test (on payment failure) in these cases so a new way had to be found.

New Logic Test

  • Two Products
  • Delay Timer
  • Action Set
  • Billing Automation

The first product is a standard payment.


The campaign then uses a delay timer to wait for 30 days (or whatever time period between the two payments you want) and then runs an action set.



The magic happens in the Action Set + Billing Automation Combo

CRM > Settings > Action Sets

The action set creates the second payment order and auto-runs the payment using the credit card details on file, from the first payment that went through.

You setup a Billing Automation rule that tests for successful payment on the second product. ONLY upon success are the part two class access tags added, by the Billing Automation logic, so our membership system grants access at that time.

The campaign watches for a tag applied goal to be completed.


The campaign also watches for a failed payment and sends a follow up email to the customer, indicating the need for a successful payment before access to part 2 can be given.


Hope this logic is useful to other people in a similar circumstance.

Granted if your own Infusionsoft = Membership system hookup can test for failed payments then this logic isn’t needed.

To clarify, you can watch for a FAILED payment in Infusionsoft, easily on a single product payment, but it was the ability to handle a two part payment situation, where the second payment fails, that needed this extra logic to handle and deny membership access.


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