Setting Contact Type field in campaign builder

Setting Field Values via campaign action is very easy. But I am having trouble setting Contact Type = Lead in a campaign.

  1. The field name displayed Person Type (not Contact Type) when viewed via the Set Field Value action in campaign builder. But that’s OK. I think it is Person Type in Infusionsoft so willing to accept that.
  2. The list of available Person Types = Prospect, Customer, Vendor, Partner. Not Lead, Client, Other, as it appears in the User Interface.
  3. If I set Person Type = Customer in campaign builder action, the contact type is displayed as “Client” in user interface. So that’s OK, it works.
  4. I cannot successfully set Contact Type = Lead though. I have tried setting Person Type = Prospect in campaign builder action, as it seems logical, but it does not work.

Any ideas? I accept this might be a planned fix one day for Keap (a hangover from Infusionsoft perhaps). But really needing to set Contact Type = Lead, via campaigns somehow.

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In light of the issues with calling the contact type in the Dynamic Content generator, I would go directly to support and submit a bug. I’m on “old InfusionSoft” and all options are available to me.