Scheduling link not linking to correct Contact ID

I use AppointmentCore to enable people to schedule their own appointments on my calendar. Recently, appointments have been coming in without the person’s name, email, and phone number - instead, they are being populated with “Friend” and our support email address and phone number. The link hasn’t changed, so something in Keap has changed that has broken how this is working. How can I sort this out?


It sounds like something glitched in your AppointmentCore connection and/or field mapping.
“Friend” is the default info that Keap puts into a contact if you don’t fill in a first name.

I would check the AppointmentCore settings to be sure it is all connected correctly. If it all looks correct, you may want to reach out to their tech department, as they are very helpful and can help determine what the issue is with their system interfacing with Keap.


It isn’t getting that far. The connection is fine, the link is fine, but Keap is not handling the Contact ID merge field correctly. It is being prepopulated with the user ID for support@** instead of the ID of the contact person being mail merged.

  • That record had no name (empty) and was getting the meeting date and time information… hence no information in the notification to me.

All appointments were registered under the Support user account - even though the emails went to the correct person