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I think it’s ridiculous that it looks like I have to pay another $30 a month to have a feature that I can do with a free MailChimp account. I want to stay with one platform and the whole point of Infusionsoft is to make business more simple. Why can’t the developers of a $100+ a month CRM add this ability?

I see from others who have asked this that there is a way to code your own legacy HTML - which if I spend a few days digging into I might be able to figure out, but I don’t feel I should have to.

Does anyone else have a solution other than paying and setting up an outside app: to do this?

For now, I’m stuck with a foot in Infusionsoft and another in MailChimp.

Not sure if you found a solution or not. I know you aren’t looking for another app to connect, but the guys at Parsey have a solution called Maven RSS to Email. Something worth comparing to feedbolt.