Referral Ninja Hack Needed

I have a referral partner who’s doing really well in selling for us. They are offering a bonus of their own for purchasing from us.

How can I automate or tag a customer’s who has a particular referral partner? I would love to automate this process instead of pulling a report every day and sending to them so they can send their bonus.


I think the easiest thing to do would be to put a simple little API script on the thank you page of the order.

Let’s say my appname is abc123 and my thank you page is

I would sent the thank you page URL of my order form to:

The affiliate ID, contactId, and orderId will be passed to in the query string. Then, run an API script on that page to tag the person if they have the right affiliate ID. Use that tag to trigger a campaign goal. Follow the goal with a sequence that generates a fulfillment list.

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I would likely handle this on a scheduled pull. So once a day or once an hour (whatever you want the metric to be) an api script does a query on the Referrals table (which defines the connection between an affiliate and a contact) for that partner. Whatever has happened in that last checked period of time, raise a tag for.