Receiving Internal server error when I am creating the opportunity or fetching the opportunity through api call

when I am going to create the opportunity in keap its giving an internal server error with the message

{“message”:“There was a problem creating a new Opportunity.”}

The following is what we post for one of the failing opportunities:

      "name":"New Opportunity"
   "opportunity_title":"Test Zomentum",

this happens only with a specific account, working fine with other accounts.

please help anyone that whats going wrong here

Nisar Ahmad

Rahil, it’s possible that the problem is due to a mismatch in specific ID values for that particular account; I would verify that Contact 393, Stage 18 and User 10 exist.

Additionally, for the “stage” subobject you should only need to specify the id and potentially a reason field.

If you need assistance tracking down those Ids, please file a developer ticket so that our Advanced Support Representatives can assist you further.