Personal Access Tokens & Service Account Keys

Hey there @bradb , are there any news about this ? I’ve asked for more details on this PAT & SAK API keys on the support chat and nobody knew anything about it. How we can get access to this features and can we use PAT ? SAK keys with the current php rest api sdk ?

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Details should be coming soon!

I’ve founded some details here but I cannot find this features in my account, this features are not yet launched ? Or do we need to put a special request to get access to them ? I’m really after a non-expiring rest api key, I think this will ease a lot development of custom api scripts particular to each business without having to deal with the 24h token refresh nightmare.

As I said, details should be coming soon, and I am unable to provide any further information at this time.

@TomScott Is there an update on this? I have a developer who needs a Service Account Key. Thanks in advance.

Sure! You can find details on our Developer Site now, and the feature should be enabled for all users:

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Just read through it - thank you. Looking forward to trying it out.

Was using this earlier today - kept getting this error. {‘fault’: {‘faultstring’: ‘Rate limit quota violation. Quota limit exceeded. Identifier : KeapAK-xxx’, ‘detail’: {‘errorcode’: ‘policies.ratelimit.QuotaViolation’}}}

I was not anywhere near the limit.