Order Payment via Infusionsoft Payments


I’m having trouble processing payments using Infusionsoft payments.

A few months ago, I tried to process a clients initial payment by entering the CC info and applying to an order, but it declined.

I eventually was paid via PayPal, and a month later the subscription payment went through without a hitch.

Next month - I was able to process a client’s payment just fine.

This month - I tried, again, to process a client’s initial payment, and it was declined. Now it says “payment method can no longer transact”.

I’ve increased the number of auto-charges, decreased days between, but it will not process.

I even sent the client an invoice, but she’s getting the same error when she tries to pay.

Am I doing something wrong with the settings to get this error? Or is this a normal occurrence for some cards due to security features?

Super frustrating, and it detracts from my professional appearance when I have these issues.

Thanks in advance!