NMI's Gateway Emulator use for Authorize.net


As a Keap user for the last year, I have been able to use many features except invoicing or sales. The reason is the payment processor we use is NMI, a particular high-risk merchant, and Keap no longer supports them. However, they do support Authorize.net which is another high-risk merchant.

Upon investigation, I’ve found that NMI offers what’s known as a “Gateway Emulator”, which in theory allows for NMI to handle transaction submissions and responses in the Authorize.Net format.

A link to the detailed article from NMI can be found -----> HERE

My question is can a developer from Keap reach out to me and offer assistance connecting our NMI payment account to Keap using this Gateway Emulator for Authorize.Net

I’d love to start implementing the built-in Invoicing/Sales options Keap offers but I need some help


If I understand the question correctly you are asking if we would implement a NMI integration, because we already integrate with Authorize.net?

I can pass along the request to our product managers, but this would not be an API concern, as the APIs only allow access to business rules and services that are already in place. There is no possibility that we would implement it in the API before it was supported in the application as a whole.