Need a diagnostic with the dev

I’ve been told that here is the channel to advance with my query so here I am :slight_smile:
I have a client with a lot of performance issues and lags using the platform. It’s counter productive and also there are delays with emails, etc.

1- I would like to be in contact with the dev, maybe a software engineer or a performance specialist to better understand why it’s happening and propose solution.
2- Also, I would like to know if it’s possible to increase our allocated server ressources.

Does it exists a ressource monitor and recordings for each app?
Thanks for a quick reply so this client stay satisfied with Keap.

Question for you Michael. How many Contacts, Tags, and Emails that are being sent does your client have?

In regards to your questions 1 and 2, @TomScott will be able to answer them.

The only Resource Monitoring and Recordings are kept within Keap, we do not see any of that.

Hi Pav, thanks for your reply.
There is around 175k contacts, 6150 tags and there have been about 1.5 million emails sent during the last 30 days.

As for the ressource monitor, that’s part of my request to be in contact with the dev :slight_smile: So far what I heard is that the apps are installed on shared servers and that we can suffer from customers pool peak traffic.
We already did basic cleaning, unpublish many campaigns, etc… I am looking for next level diagnostic.
Thanks for the poke to mr. Scott.

Best regards,

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@Michael_Theberge, I think you have answered your own question in regards to your Client issue. :wink:

The number of Contacts are on the small large end, but not on the extreme end as I have heard of 500k Contacts. The number of Tags are fine, and so are the Emails in relation to the Contacts.

I believe that it could be down to the number of Campaigns, Action Sets, Users, and API Integrations that are in operation here. But you have been doing some housekeeping, so it may alleviate some of the issues.

As a guess, I would say their maybe 20 Users using the Account given the size of the Contacts.
So, another question here is there a lot of User activity happening in the account?

Also, what API Integrations are currently in use? Is it an account that has several different types, and are they doing a lot of activity?

The other question I need to ask is how many new contacts are being added into the account on a year by year basis? Do you see rapid growth for the account?