Mobile Editor not working for Landing Pages

Hi All,

The Keap/Infusionsoft help doc says when you edit a landing page using the mobile view that the desktop version WILL NOT be affected. However, whenever I make changes within the mobile view, the desktop mimics my mobile changes.

Is this a known issue or is there a simple fix?

Thank you!

Landing Page:

There is currently a couple of known issues at the moment. Not sure if it applies to the cross over from mobile to desktop display though ?

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Thank you for responding, John! Unfortunately, none of the known issues address the mobile landing page version in the builder. Hoping someone has a fix…

That feature actually never worked like that -the description is inaccurate. Technically speaking, presenting
different code based on the device would require JavaScript which isn’t supported by email clients.

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Thank you! This is a landing page, not an email. So you don’t think there is a way to have a Landing Page with a custom mobile display? I just need to move a few things around, images, etc. The automatic mobile placements that Infusionsoft did looks pretty bad.

Oh, sorry @Stacia_Sleight. Let me check. For some reason I was thinking email builder when I typed that. :blush:

So here is how it works. When you click on an empty part of a section, you have the ability to specify what device that section is visible on. These changes are not reflected in the editor at all.

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Thank you! I appreciate that. Unfortunately I want all sections to be visible on mobile, but just configure it differently to be more readable (similar to how Unbounce landing pages has a separate mobile builder)

I actually got in touch with their chat and they said although it wasn’t listed in “Known Issues” it’s a new known issue that is in the pipeline. However, no timeframe has been set for a fix yet.

Thank you all!