Landing Page - Element Not Connect Error


I just set up a landing page so that I can capture sign-ups from people who listen to my meditations on Simple Habit.

I’ve tested the link and it works - adds name and email and populates with tag.

But when I go to publish the campaign it gives me an Elements Not Connected Error. From what I can see, there is no way to connect an element to the landing page.

When I create the campaign, I drag the landing page block to the campaign creation screen.
From there when I click edit, it opens the screen to edit the landing page.
I go through the steps and publish the landing page.
At this point, the page works.
When I go back to the campaign builder the campaign is still in draft mode.
When I hit publish on that page, I get the error message ‘Element Not Connected’
I can override it and publish it anyway, but I’m curious as to why that is showing up.
There is no place to add a connection when I click to edit the landing page.

The bottom line is the landing page is working, but it drives me crazy when I can’t get an all green publish panel.

If you have an idea of what is missing (or is nothing missing and it’s just a glitch?) I’d love to know.

Thank you, in advance.

Landing pages can happily operate on their own, however it simply means you haven’t got a sequence joined to it afterwards.

You could just drop a empty sequence in (and switch it on) if it annoys you that much :smiley:

All the best