Keap Forms styling is unacceptable

The Keap forms need to be redesigned. If I design a form with only one simple field, an email capture, Keap spits it out as 700px in height. It looks ridiculous and is not usable in any way like this. I’ve reached out to support multiple times and their suggestion is to export the form as HTML and edit/inline the CSS to fix it. Here are the problems there:

JS vs HTML: This is a value add for your tech stack’s capabilities as well as ease of use/maintenance. I should not have to export this as HTML to fix a design flaw. It is not feasible to manually update every embedded form when we edit them in Keap. There is no use case scenario where someone will want a gigantic card with one, weirdly centered form field. Squarespace can load JS for google maps, adobe analytics, and a slew of other APIs, so there is no problem with them accepting JS widgets. The problem is in the design of the forms.

I have had to pad the forms with useless content and occasionally embed whole Keap landing pages because it’s the only way to not make our forms look ridiculous. Please address this issue.

This is actually the least productive place to issue a complaint or product feature/improvement request…That is to say, it’s fine to ask here but it’s more productive in other venues.

You may want to consider the following options:

I appreciate the feedback. I’ve spent a combined total of 17 hours in chat with support, and the only useful resolution they gave was to direct me here because “they don’t talk directly to the developer team”. I’ll try the other two avenues you suggested.