Keap contacts are overwritten when an email link is clicked on from a forwarded email

We have an ongoing issue that is becoming more pressing and I want to see if anyone else has run into this or perhaps if it’s something we are doing incorrectly.

  1. We use order forms to sell tickets to our events or web forms for people to register for free events.
  2. When we send a link to the order form or web form via an email broadcast or via any means through Keap, it attaches itself to the record of the person we send it to.
  3. The pros of this is that it auto fills their information when they click on the link.
  4. The cons of this are, if they forward this email to someone else, and that person clicks on the link, Keap still thinks it’s attached to the original user and OVERWRITES their record with the new contact’s info. This includes ANY info, INCLUDING private CC details and the order is placed on this person’s account.
  5. When this is caught, we have to make sure the original record is put back intact with the right contact and info, create or update the new record of the user who overwrote the original one (possibly merge them), remove the cc info from the person who overwrote the record and put a note on that person’s record that all their order info is on the original contact’s record (as there is no way to port over cc data or orders from one person’s record to another).

How can we avoid this in the future moving forward? This causes so many issues for us in so many different ways, but especially the credit card info is the most concerning to me. We can try and train our email recipients to not forward emails but that’s like trying to herd cats. People do it all the time and especially for our free events, we would love if they could. We have an invite-a-friend option instead they can use, but it still doesn’t keep people from forwarding emails they get from us to get a friend or someone else to register.

I’m at my wit’s end with this issue and need some help!! Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

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Im not a pro but wondering if you added hidden fields to form - the person would see that they arent “Joe” and would change it. Would it then override it?