Keap API - Addressing challenges in reliably getting data from Keap to


I was wondering if anyone can help us with an enquiry regarding Keap API for Saved Search/ Saved Report or connect us with the right member in your Dev team.

Just some context for this enquiry, due to the limited reports that Keap offers, our company rely on a third-party, (BI platform) to consolidate data from multiple sources of which one of them is Keap. For Keap’s data, we often rely on Saved Reports/Serach before calling the data and importing them into via direct query (API). However, recently we seem to be facing some issues with the API where the API kept crashing due to Bug Reporting stating that “the query took too long, and timeout” (note: only apply to some particular report ie. Saved Tag Application Report with 30k+ rows of data with 4 columns).

A response we got back from Grow’s team is that cause may likely be Keap API Limitation as described below:

Hence, we would like to get insight from Keap’s end, to understand if that’s the case, and what’s the capabilities/limitations around Keap API, so we can sort this issue out and ensure reliability in getting data from Keap to Grow. Hope someone can assist with this. Thanks.

Hi @Zhi_Sheng_Sim, my first answer would be for you to raise an API Support Ticket via the link below. Keap can look at the Saved Search to see where the potential issue is during the querying of the database.

For my second answer, looking at the Grow’s documentation (see link below), you would be better off using the “Table Queries” Endpoint. Reason is that it is more straight forward than the Saved Search, and you would get your results back. You would need to query the “ContactGroupAssign” table to match it against the Tag Application Report. Saved Searches can become complex, and if particular table columns are not indexed in particular ways then the search will be slow.

Hope that helps.