Is there a webhook event to get the applied tag to a contact?

On behalf of Pabbly Connect Integration, I would like to ask about Webhooks.

I tried all the events but unable to find an event that can return the applied tags only in a contact.

Is there a way? I have used contact.edit event to get the edited contact but, How can I find only the applied tag in that contact?

Yes, if you goto Infusionsoft REST API under REST Hooks you can pull a list with the api of all currently available triggers (in this case contactGroup.applied is what you’re looking for):

I downloaded this png, because it seems not present inside the rest documentation.
Please make it available and visible there again

Good morning Danilo!

The list of available RestHook event types is constantly changing so we don’t provide it statically in the docs; you will want to make a call to Keap REST API to get the current list.

Thanks for the answer. What happens if I am listening to a hook that suddenly changes?

Events are only removed when features are removed following deprecation, and the behavior would just be to stop pushing that event to listeners.