Is there a way to track Keap landing page views through the server using conversions API?

Is there a way to track Keap landing page views through the server using conversions API? I want to retarget those who opt-out from IOS updates and visited my landing page (coming from Facebook). Thank you!

When you set up your Landing Page through Automations the most common method to segment those contacts is to use the Apply Tag with a unique identifier.
You can then use the identifier for that Tag to retrieve all relevant Contacts:!/Tags/listContactsForTagIdUsingGET

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Thank you for your answer, but my question is related to the Facebook conversions API.

Is there a way to track people who click on my FB ad and go to a Keap Landing Page through the server (Keap)?

I know I can track them through the pixel, but it doesn’t work for the one who chose to not be tracked after Apple`s update. I want to be able to create an audience and retarget who goes to my landing page and has opted out from IOS tracking update.

Does it make sense?

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If they have opted out of tracking it sounds like they have explicitly denied access to do what you describe. Is that not the case?

Yes, that is the case. However, other serves have provided ways to use the conversion API to track traffic through the server. Like WordPress, they offer a super easy plugin to install the conversion API on my website and connect it to Facebook. I would prefer to use a Keap Landing Page to facilitate the lead generation process. But, I understand you don’t offer the option, which defeats the purpose of using a landing page for paid traffic.

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The way I would approach it is to have a different Landing Page for each advertisement campaign, which will allow you to track responses from the campaign in aggregate. If you’re looking to track individuals who have opted-out, you’re likely violating statutes in some localities.

Regardless, this doesn’t appear to be an API concern, so I’ll move it over to our main forum to get a wider view of insights.

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So, as I understand it, there is available from within FB an integration with Facebook’s Conversion API to Keap, via Zapier. Using the Conversion API is really necessary at this point to maintain any type of relevancy with ads on FB (and any ad channels), and to effectively and economically run ads.
My question is there a way to set up this server to server system without using Zapier? As most know, if you bring in a lead from an external or 3rd party application using Zapier, it creates a contact record that can’t be updated in terms of opt-out or opt-in status going forward.

Anyone else done anything with integrating Keap (landing pages, order forms, etc) with the Facebook’s Conversion API? Any input would be helpful.