Is there a way to set a custom field automatically to the "3rd Thursday of the month" with me specifying the exact date?

Hey everyone!

There may well be an obvious answer to this, so apologies in advance, but is there a way to set a custom date field to a particular day of the month. ie the 3rd Thursday of the month. Or the second Monday of the month?

I’m running multiple meetings on these types of schedules and wants to trigger email reminders based on these dates and then we’d need to reset these dates with the date for the following month.

We could just set a sequence up for every year and then have 12 date timers, but although this will allow for a certain degree of flexibility, ultimately this will still require a certain amount of management per meeting, which I’m keen to avoid.

Thanks in advance,

Hi @Leigh_Payne

You wouldn;t need a custom field for this, delay timers can be programmed to that degree of accuracy, have a play with the second column in the delay timer and I think that will answer your questions. Come back and ask more if you need :slight_smile:

All the best