Is there a way to edit Custom Field IDs?

Is there a way to edit a Custom Field ID? It appears the system sets it equal to the label, which is not useful for us.

Custom fields are mapped to a int id. You may want to double check your code is mapping things appropriately on return.

Here is a example I just ran:


I appreciate your assistance. My query wasn’t clear enough.

You sent an example only for a simple custom field. Yes, custom field IDs are integers. They are in our sandbox as well. However, I am talking about custom field Options and their IDs not being integers. We do not want to change the custom field ID but the IDs of the options within the custom field.

Here is an example. The first “id” property is the ID of the custom field, which is Okay. What we are interested in is the ID of each option within the “options” property.


My apologies for the misunderstanding! Unfortunately there is not a feature that currently allows us to modify the Id of each of a particular custom field’s options.