Is it possible to move an existing custom field into another tab via developer API?

Hello. Wondering if it’s possible to restructure my custom field tabs a bit. I just want to move one field from one tab into a different tab, and it can’t be done within the application. From what I can tell, one can only reorder fields within tab.

Does anyone know if this is possible via developer API?

I think you can do that within the appliocation using the “Advanced option”? Or am I’m getting confused about what you’re asking?



I am using InfusionSoft so I am not sure if my advice applies to Keap but I have not found a way to do this in the GUI or using the API. I have used Keap in the past and found the only way to reorder fields is as follows:

Export your data, remove all custom fields, create them again using the order you require, then import your data back. Its not pretty but it works.

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