Integrating 3rd Mobile App CRM with Keap

My company is currently developing a new mobile app with a built in CRM. I’m wondering if it’s possible to either

A: Integrate the new app’s CRM with Keap
B: Use Keap as the only CRM

Our previous app required daily exporting and importing of contacts from our app to Keap CRM and we’re trying to move away from that.


Depending on how the app is structured (and I’m not qualified to comment much on that), but you could look at something like PieSync to keep databases synced together.

If you need to trigger action inside the CRM, you could consider Integromat or Zapier.


Is it possible, definitely, @John_Borelli would be able to give better advice on this than myself as he is an excellent developer.

All the best


Either can be done but which way is more a factor of your workflow and use case and your workflow of your app. I’d venture to say, however, that it would be incongruous to your app to use Keap as ‘the CRM’. The api can handle communicating with Keap on your apps behalf though :wink: