Incorrect dates showing in Appointment tab when Clients book in third-app intregration - ScheduleOnce

Hi! Can anyone help me how to solve the issue I have now with Keap Max classic? Clients are booking themselves in ScheduleOnce, a native integration of Keap/vice versa. However, the dates showing up under Appointment tab in Keap are incorrect from the booking dates in ScheduleOnce (SO). I have requested Keap to change the date format default into Australian date format which is dd/mm/yyyy. It is okay now but the dates are totally different from SO.

Can anyone help me with this? Keap tech support is not helping us with this and it is totally frustrating!


I recommend updating the ‘date format’ within the Keap connector setup wizard in ScheduleOnce. Please review my notes below regarding how to do this:

A. Navigate to ‘ScheduleOnce setup’, under the ‘Setup’ menu in OnceHub:

B. On the left-hand side of the screen, choose ‘Integrations’:

C. Choose ‘CRM’:

D. On the left-hand side, click ‘Setup’, under the Infusionsoft/Keap section (As of this posting, OnceHub has left the labels as ‘Infusionsoft’, Keap Max Classic’s previous name):

E. Continue through the connector setup wizard until you reach the ‘Mapping’ stage, and ensure the format here matches the format within Keap:

F. Continue to the end of the connector setup wizard and click ‘Save’ to make your changes live:

I suspect the proposed solution above will only fix bookings moving forward, not past bookings.

If the above does not work, I recommend reaching out to OnceHub support directly.