I'd like to have a way my leads can 'opt-in' to a campaign that's for a specific topic -

Hi there,

I’m trying to figure out a way that I can let my leads opt in to a campaign through a link. Something I can have as like a PS, for example, in a broadcast email…or where I can share the link on social media.

Is this possible? The only way I’m really seeing is a tag that triggers the campaign…but that doesn’t really work across other platforms. I’m looking for something I can share, and we’d like to not send the lead to an optin page, just have them click the link and then they’d be placed in the campaign (and of course they’d get the confirmation email sequence, etc).

If you were trying to do this from a broadcast, no issue. Give them a URL to click on that applies tag, tag starts campaign.

However as soon as you say ‘across other platforms’ there has to be a data gather step of some ind, which will usually be an optin page.


Got it! Noted on the broadcasts. We were hoping we could have a straight link that would trigger the campaign, and data collection would occur in the confirmation email process. I see what you’re saying though.

Thanks very much!

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