How to receive callback when subscription recurring charge is processed

How can I receive a callback from Keap when my customer is charged a recurring fee as part of a subscription. The Product Purchased goal within Campaign Builder only fires once, at the onset of the subscription. I need a way to get a callback whenever Keap charges my customer. For example, with a $10/month subscription, I want to receive a call on Month 1 with the Order information that month, then again on Month 2, etc.

To accomplish this for a particular subscription, you can do so using the order triggers aka billing automation.

Within the application go to E-Commerce Setup → Billing Automation

On the Choose Trigger Type dropdown select “When an autocharge attempt is made”
Configure the trigger for “Is successful” and your specific product(s) and/or subscription plans.

As for action, configure the HTTP post action to hit your script, and perform necessary duties.

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@Ryan_Parlee ,

Since you asked this in the api room I’m assuming developer need/question. There is a REST webhook you can use to respond to these.