How to find my client id


I’m trying to set up an integration with the IS api, but I need my client id and secret key.

Can anyone tell me where I can find these two bits of information?


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Login to your dev account here or register for a new one. Then on your dashboard there’s a “Keys” link that will show you a list of apps you have created along with the Key (client_id) and the Secret (client_secret).


Hi Von_Villafuerte,

I’ve hovered over everything on my dashboard, but i don’t see any keys link.

Where should this link be?

BTW, this is a brand new account, so I haven’t linked anything to it yet.


You have to create a new app first by going here and then click on the “Create a New Application” button. Once you have the new app created the “Keys” link should just be to the left of the Applications link. You will have to wait for that app to be activated before you can use your key and secret.


Oh, I see. Thanks.