How to determine the origin of applied tags

I’m coming into an environment that is already well developed. I need to determine how a certain tag is being applied to contacts. I’ve gone through our campaigns and I don’t see anywhere that the tag is being applied. I’ve gone through our Zapier zaps (we have only 3) and none of the Zapier integrations are applying the tag. I’m told the tag is not being applied manually.

Is there a report (I didn’t see one) or some other way to determine how a tag is applied to a contact?

thanks for any help,



Unfortunately there is now way to tell where the tag application is coming from.

You can see if it is being applied through other campaigns, though.

If you go to the tag itself (CRM - Settings - Tags) and click on the tag, there is a link under the tag that shows which campaigns are applying the tag. From there, you can sometime track down a rogue tag application to determine where it is being applied.

Also, if you see someone who had the tag applied and that tag is triggering a tag goal, you can run the Campaign Goal Completion report (Marketing - Reports - Campaign Goal Completion). That will show you some of the sequences they were in before that tag goal was completed and may give some insight as to where it came from.

However, if the tag is coming from an outside source (Gravity Form integration that isn’t Zapier, etc.), you can’t really see where it is coming from.


Thanks Jeff, that was very helpful. Gives me some leads to run down.

No problem.

I always advise my team that if we have tags coming in from external sources to use the ’Notes’ tool to mark that down inside the campaign so we know that in the future when we go back to audit.