How to apply tags to new contacts?

Hi, I have built a webhook that transfers contacts from Zoho CRM to Keap using the PUT call.

I don’t understand how I can apply tags to the incoming contacts though? I need this as when the contact lands, and the tag then triggers the automations…

Any help appreciated!

Good morning Stuart!

You can apply a Tag via the /tags endpoint as a subsequent call once you know the Contact id:

Keap REST API (v2)

Keap REST API (v1) or
Keap REST API (v1)

Hi Tom, thanks for that. The issue I have is I want to send contacts over to Keap, and then an automation triggers straight away without manual intervention.

Is there any way to do this as obviously when we change the contact in Zoho CRM, we won’t know the Keap contact ID to apply tags… we send the contact over to keap and need it to start the automation.



The response from the create call contains the Contact Id; I don’t have any experience with Zoho, but they should be receiving it to use in subsequent calls. Automations don’t trigger on every Contact added to the system via the API.


  • Tom Scott