How i send a forward of a LEAD from a LANDING PAGE

Hi Falks,
Where do I supposed to set a list of email address, to send the lead information from a Landing Page created on the campaing building,?

Also is the same for a webform created?

Thanks in advance for all your comments.


Hey Sergio, would love to help - but Iā€™m not entirely clear on the question!

You can send an email to a list of contacts by using a broadcast:

Or, you can build a landing page using the steps here: (Note: This article shows you the steps in the LEGACY landing page builder, there is a newer version)

Here are some tips for designing your landing page:

When you create a landing page, or a web form, Infusionsoft automatically gives you a hosted URL, you can use that link in your email if you want to send people to that page. Or, you can use that link on your social media channels, or paid ads if you want to send new traffic to that page, and automatically capture their info into Infusionsoft.

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