How do you create a promo campaign to offer Customers that have made a Booking to upgrade to another Product using an API integrated with the Fareharbor Booking System

We currently use the FareHarbor Booking system.
We would like Keap to send automated emails to Customers that have made a Booking in our system and offer an upgrade to their original purchase before they take part in the purchased activity.
Has anyone done something similar?


Good morning Bekim,

Unfortunately I’m not familiar with FateHarbor or their capabilities, but often when integrating two systems you need some go-between code as glue. For some they hire a developer to write them a custom integration, but for others a third-party tool such as Zapier allows you to get up and running much quicker.

Once you get the contact record (and order) into Keap, you can design an automation to send a follow-up.


  • Tom Scott
    Keap API Engineer