How do restart a loop campaign?

I have a birthday campaign that i change every Jan. 1st and republish. My contact list, though, doesn’t always get the new birthday card because they stay in queue. I was told to, after republishing, to go into campaign contacts do a new search for restart birthday campaign, queu, then hit all the contacts there and go to start/stop campaign sequence. where i remove active and done so there is only queued left. Then select birthday campaign and select restart sequence. I’m not sure I have this all correct and don’t seem to be able to follow these instructions. Is there somewhere else that has more explicit instructions to take me step by step?


If you set up your birthday campaign to automatically loop every year, manually restarting contacts should not be required.

This video demonstrates one option for looping contacts in Keap: Looping campaigns - YouTube

This blog post is a more in-depth discussion on how to loop a process in Keap, which can also be used to create a looping birthday Campaign in Keap: Looping Campaigns in Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) - Monkeypod Marketing

Configuring a looping campaign like shown in either of the tutorials should get you headed in the right direction. Once you have configured a looping tag at the beginning and end of the sequence and re-published your campaign, you can first remove, then re-apply the trigger tag to restart contacts in your campaign.

Keap also has a ‘Yearly birthday greetings’ automation template that can be used to set up a similar campaign structure automatically:

If you click the plus sign to add this advanced automation, you can fill in your email and publish the automation to make it live.

From there, you can add the new trigger tag to start contacts, and contacts should automatically loop in the future.