How do I prevent time-out//auto log off

Long story short, I had an older laptop I was using. When I put that computer to sleep and log back on the next morning, IFS would auto log off but as soon as I wake my computer, the browser would immediately refresh back to the client page I had opened (including all the other tabs).

Fast forward to a new computer I have now, when I wake my computer from sleep the next day, I would get a “no internet connection” page, but it would quickly auto-refresh to IFS log-in page and it would not re-open to the client I originally had. It would go to the default dashboard page. The same would apply even if my computer was still on and I was AFK for about 30+ minutes or so. It would log me off and as soon as I log back in, it would go to the default page and not the client I had opened.

This makes it extremely inconvenient when I have multiple clients I’m trying to manage. It seems Infusion Soft is the only page that is having issues. All my other tabs (different websites) seem to be working fine. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.