How do I add "person notes" to searches?

Hello! When I do a search of my database, it would be great to have the “person notes” portion appear in the search. Can that be done and how?

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Camille is right, the Notes column can be added.

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Actually, the answer to this would depend on which person notes you’re referring to!

There are two areas commonly referred to Person Notes: A) the person notes found in the labeled “Person Notes” tab in the upper portion of the contact record and B) the individual notes found in the Tasks tab in the lower portion. It is not possible to add B) to a contact search, but the data in the A) CAN be added to a contact search, which I do all of the time!

I’ve created a quick video to demonstrate how to do this:

I hope this info is helpful!


Yes! That’s EXACTLY what I needed. Thank you



Yay!! So happy I was able to help!

Have a great day!