How DND set or Remove for Specific contact

My Contacts are sync with Infusion to Run Broadcast email. but now I want to set dnd if end-user (Recipients) ask me to remove them from my campaign /set DND for them. How I can achieve this can someone put light on this?
Well, I am using Infusion Rest Api to Create Contact/Update contact API:{My Access Token}

Hi Tushar_Pargawkar,

It is not clear if you are asking how to do this manually yourself, or programmatically.

Manually in Classic
Manually in Non-Classic

To opt the email address out of all automated marketing, you will need to use this xmlrpc method:

If you wanted to remove the contact from specific campaign sequences, but not opt them completely out of all automated marketing you are able to do so with this Rest method:!/Campaign/removeContactFromCampaignSequenceUsingDELETE

I believe with REST you should be able to just update the email record (which is separate from the contact record)…otherwise you can use the xmlrpc method to optout

Thanks for bringing this up John! I just hopped through the code behind the method you mentioned and verified that it will indeed opt an email address out if you provide “opted_in” as false for an existing email in the system.