How can I push a new Wordpress Blog Post to an email campaign in Infusionsoft/ Keep?

I’m currently moving my feedblitz blog post to email integration to a Wordpress – Infusionsoft/ Keep integration. What is the best way to do a RSS feed to Email push?

Thank you!

Hands down … Feedbolt.

Super easy to set up. Upgrade to the $49/mo plan to get their new drag and drop email template creator.
I have several clients using it (one for close to 500K emails/week) with no issues.


Hi Jeff, wow an answered prayer!!!

Ok will check this out to set this up.

How would this work in Keap Max Classic?

Tag everyone in Keap Max Classic with the tag you want to identify who you want to get the email broadcast, then configure feedbolt and simply say ‘anyone with this tag gets the broadcast’. Feedbolt does the rest.