Help: Adv Auto: addition of tag triggers deal move

Hi! I thought I had figured this out but still no dice.

The goal is to move a client’s deal to the next stage in the Pipeline. I have a tag being created through Zapier to the client’s record when an external event takes place. When the tag is applied, I need the client’s deal to move in the pipeline. I’m not sure how Keap knows which deal to move — we do have clients with multiple deals in the pipeline, though it’s infrequent. Can I specify this? Links to screenshots below. I gave it a shot but it didn’t work.

Thank you! Also open to receiving previous answers to similar questions or other help documentation!

Automation: Screenshot on 2021-07-23 at 15-24-47.png - Droplr
Sequence: Screenshot on 2021-07-23 at 15-25-26.png - Droplr