Grabbing purchase info for GTM Data Layer

I need to add purchase information into the GTM Data Layer so I can push it to google tag manager.
What are the parameters infusionsoft uses for:

First Name
Last Name

I have all the variables ready in GTM, just need to know how Infusionsoft/keap stores this data.


Good morning Bailey,

Are you trying to access those Contact details through the XMLRPC API or the REST API?

With the xml-rpc you’ll have

However, with REST you must submit it as a JSON structure:

HOWEVER, what you’re doing would be best served by utilizing the invoice or payment webhook triggers. These would send the id for the invoice or payment and then you’d use the api to pull the resulting record which would have that information in it. Here’s the link to the REST docs that show the structures involved:!/E-Commerce/getOrderUsingGET_1