Get a list of contacts with a email status

That depends on what you wish to do in regards to the email status. You can facilitate a single optin status with the api and with REST. You CANNOT change the status of an opted out email address. That can/must be done manually within your infusionsoft app.

In regards to your original question, take a look at the “EmailAddStatus” API table.


Maybe some confusion? The original question was about CHANGING email status’. The EmailAddStatus is a read only table.

@John_Borelli, I was referring to the question that was originally asked.
Saved Searches is an option, but they have to be manually done.
Querying the “EmailAddStatus” table via XML-RPC will give you more flexibility.

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Hi @Scott_Imbrie, the only way you would be able to do this via the REST API would be to page through all of the contacts and look at the status of each one to determine if it has the bounced status or not. We don’t currently have way to filter contacts based on email status.

Great list. I’ve got it set up to tag hard bounces. But how do I set up the action to have them opted out? Or do I need to save a search and then use it as an exclusion list?

You can mitigate based on your tag or use the tag to pull up a list to opt out en masse